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The council could start the process of consolidating all the districts into one, super district that would provide firefighting for the whole town, and be led by an elected commissioner board and remain a taxing authority.

Or the council could abolish the districts and create a municipal fire department that would be report to town leaders similar to the police department and fall into the township's municipal budget. 7 meeting will take place in the township council chambers in the municipal building and start at p.m.

Public meetings on Hamilton's fire district consolidation wrap up It's since blossomed into a two-year, union-led effort to gain the necessary signatures from residents on petitions that went to council, and numerous studies and other work on exactly what kind of fire department Hamilton should have.

One of the biggest and final questions on the horizon for the council is whether to go the district or municipal route.

(Councilman Dave Kenny had announced he would not seek re-election) The township's two firefighters' unions backed the Democrats in late September, saying at a public event they were frustrated and fed up with what they said were ongoing delays in getting consolidation done.

Nick Buroczi, president of the fire officers' union, a local of the Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA), and Shane Mull, president of the rank-and-file union, said in a joint statement they're eager to see the facilities report.

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