Cute alex rendell

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I can’t marathon a drama if I find it annoying and grating.

So this drama did have the ability to draw me in and keep me vested.

This means her maternal grandmother is the only family she has left. The man inside, Chaiburathut (Smart Krissada Pornweroj), is cold, quickly angered, and full of prejudice.

He’s unwilling to believe that Nichamon isn’t a swindler and tries to take her to the police.

She overheard her grandmother saying that she only wanted to find her missing daughter and granddaughter so they can sign off on their inheritance. Her grandmother really did want to find her daughter and granddaughter and take them back in, but she just couldn’t be outwardly as honest as she should be.So, in , the constant mooning of the lead couple staring at each other grated on my nerves. Sure, the flashback technique is useful, but they used it very badly and awkwardly in this drama.Plus, some of the moments they decided to use in flashbacks really didn’t suit the overall mood of the scene so it did end up detracting and distracting from the emotions. I know, it sounds like I find to many faults, but like I said, I marathoned this drama in like two weeks.The plot then revolves around Khun Thut and his obsessive mistrust of both Nichamon and the Sonalai family (he believes they are the cause of his father’s suicide) and his growing love for Nichamon, the forbidden love between Thut’s little brother Rawipaat (Alex Rendell) and the Sonalai’s daughter Nammon (Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong), Nichamon trying to keep both her secrets, and Nichapaat (Jane Janesuda Parnto) and Khun Pongtep’s interference in Nichamon’s and Thut’s romance. I watched it straight through (it took some time as each episode is like one and a half hours), which means it wasn’t all that bad and something I needed to take a break from.That does not mean; however, that I was not frustrated very often. The one thing I hate in many dramas is how long certain plot lines drag.

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