Dating an emotionally unavailable person

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This tends not to happen with men who are unavailable emotionally, because they are available for exactly what the woman needs. Just make sure you're never lusting after a married man with children.It's bad enough to go after someone else's husband, but when there's children involved, the adultery bimbo sets herself up for really, really bad karma.Meanwhile the poor bastard who was drooling over the cleavage in the office and took her to the hotel ends up paying child support and alimony.This "huntress as a victim" charade just makes more money for shrinks who empower them.Since it's not okay to be a single woman who is happier alone than miserably married, enter the Male Beard.The asinine man who you can say is terrific but will never actually want to committ.

These "innocent victimized women" go through life shattering marriages and wrecking homes.Yes, I know the man is the one breaking his vows, however, if women would be sisters to each other first, then the world would truly be a much, much better place....especially for the next generations, by virtue of saving the children's hearts from being broken.(I find the flippancy over committing adultery with a married man, quite disturbing.Most women don’t seek out or sustain interest in unavailable men, but more women than any of us would like to admit do.I actually saw this behavior so frequently in my private practice that I decided to write a book about it, which is called .

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