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There was, of course, no dramatic break in the year 1900 in dollhouse production but there was an ever increasing trend towards mass production and distribution with Germany the major player until the disruption of the First World War.Mail-order catalogues serving the middle class became more prevalent with toys one type of product they carried.They work together every day to turn our guests into happy customers, and we are proud of our extraordinary, high customer satisfaction ratings.And over that time, we have reached many milestones.City Furniture is an active supporter in dozens of charities that make our communities wonderful, and we do our share to live Our Purpose: To Enrich People’s Lives and Make the World a Better Place.Also, City Furniture may be the “greenest” furniture company in the United States and throughout the world.Strategic relationships at the best furniture factories in the United States and around the world help us merchandise our showrooms with furniture and accents that our customers will love.

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Plus, we recycle over 95 percent of our waste, including cardboard, paper, plastic, and EPS/Styrofoam.

Existing Waterbed City stores were converted to City Furniture showrooms by 1995, and now, over 20 years later, we are fortunate to be the #1 furniture retailer in our South Florida trading area.

With showrooms spanning from central Florida to the west coast and all the way to Miami, we have grown to be over 1,300 associates strong.

I started worked with Kevin in 1972, while still studying at the University of Florida, and we officially became partners when I graduated in 1975.

Garry Ikola, now Senior Vice President of Sales, started in 1973, sporting long blonde hair parted down the middle and a thick moustache— a true sign of the 1970s.

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