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But fairness is a big deal to us, and we never lose sight of it. As an educated, self-proclaimed feminist with money in the bank and a good job, how did I justify expecting men to pay for things for so long?

“That cannot continue," he said, adding that the UN’s goal of a “pollution free planet” is achievable only if action is stepped up.

He stopped short of naming companies who he thought might be among the worst offenders preferring to stress the role of business in developing new technologies to help counter environmental damage, citing transport solutions as key.

Mr Soldheim said the dramatic fall in the cost of solar power is beginning to have an impact around the world, with clean energy and technology helping to generate jobs and economic growth in countries including India.

Looking at the facts, I realized that it's not fair to make the guy pay all of the time.

If you think guys should always foot the bill, here are five reasons to reconsider.

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