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In recent years there has also been more sophistication in relation to foreign men using the internet to find love in Thailand.'I think Thailand is seeing gradually the end of the bar girl phenomenon as older and younger foreigners become more aware of what is going on in Thailand.In a spate of surveys it was found that one in five relationships in the United Kingdom now comes from online dating and social networking sites.In addition to this the same research has found that nearly 50% of all UK singles have searched for love on the internet.The popular Thai dating site conducts annual surveys of those online who have found love including follow up interviews and analysis.Some surprising results from the survey up to September 2015 show that the average age on the site picked up by two years following a consistent downward trend since the site was first launched in early 2007.

While the dating site has been very successful internet dating in Thailand faces some challenges and there is still a significant percentage of users who do find love.

Although Aoy has a secure and relatively well paid job in Thailand she has no doubt that her future lies with her boyfriend James in Sydney.

' Yes we can make a good life and my English is not so bad so we will build a new life together' Aoy's partner James has paid for her to attend a well known English language school in Bangkok for an advanced course and she is already well into the fourth month course in written and spoken English to improve and polish her English skills.

the takeup of internet usage among women has surged ahead of that of Thai men.

Recent research from the UK confirms the success of online dating.

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